Friday, July 6, 2012

Some help!!

Hey, ya'll!

Hope you're enjoying my stories and all that good stuff! =D New to blogging and don't know how to follow people? Here's how! Just go to your blogger dashboard. See where it says "reading list"? Click the "add" button and put the web address of the blog you want to follow there, and click "follow"! It's easy and lots of fun!

Hope that was helpful!

Also--don't know how to comment but want to comment on your friends' blogs? If you don't have a gmail account, there's still no sweat! Go to where it says "pick profile". Click the Name/URL button at the bottom. Fill in the name you want to go by in the "name" place and then write your comment! If you friends don't already have this option, it's easy to put it up! On your blogger menu, you'll see something at the bottom that says "settings" (right underneath "template", I believe...). Click it and then click "Posts and comments". It'll say "allow anonymous users", which you click. Then your friends will be able to post!!



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