Thursday, July 12, 2012

Cat in the Garden Hose

Hi, this here's Storyteller!!! (I have to say that now because Connie, Gavin, and Tracy are on this blog so much). :)

So, hope you're having a great day...... and been visiting lots of cool blogs...... and most of all feeling that God's really in your life.

Anyway, so what's up??? OK, so I have a kind of funny story. My cat (the on that's not fat and stays in the barn) was outside, and so I was spending some time with her when my dog (the one with the five puppies) comes racing out, barking and yapping, and chases her all the way to our used-to-be storage tent. (yes, I did say tent). I was really bummed because I had to spend time with the cat, and I was calling her, but she wouldn't come out. Then the dog wandered off. (yeah, you were lots of help). Finally, I lifted the back tent flap and saw my cat, sitting there--in a hose that had been rolled up. Yep, I'm not joking!!! A garden hose. A real garden hose. And my cat was sitting in it like it was the luxurious pillow of Persia or something. It was pretty funny. =D

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