Thursday, January 9, 2014

life comes pouring out

i remember when i used to post every day - sometimes more then once a day. blogging was new and exciting and something that i was just so happy about. and then sometimes life comes in, and you can’t do that as much. and i couldn’t. and i got busy, and then when i did get on the computer i was doing other things, like designing and answering emails and everything. and then, suddenly, i haven’t posted for several days. maybe a week. and then i finally get the time to just sit down and write something. and my whole life comes pouring out as i write what’s been going on, what i’ve been thinking about, things like that. it just comes like a tidal wave, and suddenly the post’s a lot longer then intended. and i suddenly realize something.

i’ve missed blogging. i’ve missed writing down things. things that just normally get stored in my brain and unshared. and suddenly i can write them out, and they’re staring back at me. and suddenly i almost feel like a weight’s lifted off my chest, because i finally got all of those thoughts out.

that’s one of the beauties and joys of blogging. we can write everything and anything we want to, and the thoughts are uniquely ares. they aren’t that person’s who has a million followers. they aren’t the person’s down the road. they aren’t anything by your thoughts, and that’s what makes them unique. because God has created each and every one of us differently, so beautiful and complexly. your thoughts are worthwhile and amazing, and sometimes that seems to get forgotten.

sometimes you just have the urge to write it, just to say it. and then suddenly, you look up, and there’s a blog post written.

the sun’s rising,


  1. So true Anna! I've been feeling the same way. Lately I haven't posted near to as much as I did because I've been so busy. I love blogging to much but sometimes life is too busy =/ BTW can I just say that I LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG DESIGN! you are just so talented it's crazy! you're such an amazing graphic designer =)

  2. Amazing. <3

  3. GAHHH! I just saw your new design on Hero and Hero Coding and Design!!! Too beautiful for words.

  4. mmhmm, i totally get it. i used to post every day on my doll blog. until i started school. and btw, that second paragraph is so true for me.

    also, you are so amazing. i mean, look at this design. gosh, you rock.

  5. well do you know me? ;) just joking...but, yes. I know exactly what you mean. thanks for the post.
    Tane ♥


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