Tuesday, June 3, 2014

look to God

i stood there
a cold wind on my face
a tear on my cheek
gone from that place
it was a long time ago
like a land far away
when i left this place
i remember that day

there are so many memories
a laugh, a smile
they cloud my vision
but in awhile
i see that that’s all gone now
the house is dark
the house is cold
against the white sky stark

i remember running and playing
laughing through the leaves
i remember running over the hills
and climbing the trees
i remember climbing to the roof
sliding down on the snow
i remember the dandelions
the ones i used to blow

there were so many happy memories
that i wish i could go back
sitting on the grass all day
eating apples out of a sack
i wish that this place was like it was
the way i remember
the way that i’d left it
that long ago December

but i can’t go back
though memories stay
so instead, i’ll look ahead
to a better, brighter day
because staying in the past?
that’s something that doesn’t work
we don’t appreciate what we have
this present life we shirk

we can’t ever go back
but we have something up ahead
there’s Someone bigger then us
down this life i’ve led
someone guiding us, the Bright Ones,
as we journey through this life
Someone who’s carried us
through darkness and strife

don’t stay in the past
but look to tomorrow
find the joy in Christ
give Him your sorrow
trust in Him for His Great Plan,
let Him be your Rock,
though you be tripped and trampled
and shamed and mocked

this house is just a house
this land is just a piece of earth
that smile and that laughter
were that moment’s mirth
things can’t ever be the same
but that doesn’t mean they won’t ever be great
we can’t change things in the past
but we can change now, before it’s too late

this will all rot away
but God will stand forever
doing His will is the only thing
that is the Worthy Endeavor
so take your eyes off the past
and put them on God
the Maker of the World
this round sphere of sod

look to God in trial
look to God in pain
God is here for you
His peace you will gain
so don’t look to the past
where you can’t change things and can’t go
but look to the One who makes the stars shine
to the One who makes the dandelions blow.

look to God, the Maker of the World.


  1. That was beautiful, Anna, so encouraging and perfect for what I feel like in my life at the moment. Thank you.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful poem! So lovely dear! <3

  3. Beautiful, you are an amazing writer!
    -Lauren xoxo

  4. Oh wow..thats amazing!!!!!! You are so talented, God has really blessed you with such talent! Keep it up!! Beautiful blog, and such encouraging words! http://walkingonsunshine.co.nr/


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