Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Character Quiz

So, which character are you from The Rubberboot Girl? The choices here are: Connie, Tracy, Gavin, Grandma Beacon, and Savannah! (ooh, goody :D)

OK, so ya'll ready? Great! Let's go!

1. If you had a friend and they did something really embarrassing in front of everybody at your school, what would you do?

A. Grin and bear it.
B. Hug them back and make it funny.
C. Kind of brush them off and act like you have no idea who on earth the person is.
D. Smile kindly and don't let off that you're totally embarrassed.
E. Totally deny ever being friends.

2. If you were having a party and a really mean person broke something of yours, what would you do?

A. Yell at them and tell them to leave and never return.
B. Tell them in a deathly calm voice to fix it.
C. Pretend it doesn't really matter but never invite them to anything else ever again.
D. Tell them truthfully that people are more important than objects and forget about it.
E. Tell them to get off your property or else... and tell them that you're going to shun them every chance you get.

3. If somebody outright made fun of your friend, what would you do?

A. Quickly pull the friend away from the person.
B. Shoot something back at them that you know will hurt.
C. Give them "the glare" and have your friends make it hard for them.
D. Tell them calmly that what they said wasn't true and then walk the person away and affirm what you just said.
E. Be like "whatever" and walk off.

4. If a family member of yours died, what would you do?

A. Brush back tears and run away into the forest.
B. Bear it and weep in private.
C. Never show your true feelings and grow bitter.
D. Grieve honestly and come through with flying colors.
E. Act as if they never even existed.

5. If your parents were going to sell your grandparents' property after they died, what would you do?

A. Do everything in your power to convince them that isn't what they should do.
B. Make public protests, make petitions, and get your friends to sign with you in an attempt to get your parents convinced.
C. Shrug it off and only cry in private, feeling helpless.
D. Try to reason with them, but if they won't listen, then drop it and grieve honestly.
E. Don't even care.

Okay!! That concludes our quiz! If you got mostly As, then you are... Connie! If you got mostly Bs, you are Tracy. If you got mostly Cs, you are Gavin. If you got mostly Ds, you are Grandma Beacon. And if you got mostly Es... well... you're Savannah!

Hope that was fun! Please give feedback!




  1. By the way... I'd love to know who you guys turned out as! If you've taken this quiz, please put down in these comment boxes who you are... ;)

    1. Wow... didn't see that coming! Apparently I'm Grandma Beacon! :D


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