Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"i'm coming, you ready?"

let's grab a cab
and go somewhere
the snow falling
on the windshield
as if bringing
memories of old
right to my doorstep
reminding me
of things i've done
things i'm planning
things i wanted to do
but didn't
but it's alright
it's okay
they're fading away
even the good ones
but that's okay
they're behind me
i'm going on an adventure
through the snow
in a cab
i've got great things
ahead of me
i don't think
about what's behind
i have a future
before me
and that's
all that matters
the past is gone
the future is before me
why live in the past
when we can't
change it?
why not
the future?
why not
make a difference
instead of wallowing
in the things
of the past?
that makes
much more sense
i think
as i sit
in the cab
the snow falling
with a smile
on my face

i'm not
going to think
of the things
of the past
with a dread
i'm going to look
to the things of the future
with a smile
and a little whisper
that says,
"i'm coming"
"you ready?"


  1. So inspiring <3
    Actually, I think it sounds a little like it could be a song :)

    1. I really get how this could be a song

    2. Thanks so much, you guys. <3 :)


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