Monday, January 7, 2013


Dear Readers,

This is Jessie. And I've come to announce that I'm hopping mad at Summer!!!

Mostly because of the last thing I heard come out of her mouth!!!!

And now her horrible words have become this really bad rumor.

Thankfully, Noah has chosen to ignore it all.

(For a guy, he really is an awesome best friend.....)

It's horrible. I walked through the hallway and pinned to my locker was this note--

"Jessie loves Noah."

I admit it. I about puked!!

The next time I went to my locker the note was gone. I was pretty sure it had been Noah. Thanks, buddy. I owe you one.

Every time I saw Summer, she was just glaring fiercely at me. I kind of wondered why. I mean, I suppose she might LIKE Noah, but I would think that that stinky Maurice was more of her type, if you know what I mean...

Either way, when school ended I sprinted out the door, running into Mom's waiting car and yelled, "STEP ON IT, MOM!!!"

When I explained the whole situation, Mom admitted there wasn't anything she could do.

Me: Are you serious?

Mom: Uh, yeah...

Me: Can't you like talk to the principal or something?!

Mom: What can he do about it?! You can't make a whole school stop talking about something!!

Me: What about the Nazis?!

Mom: Jessie, what about them?

Me: Well, they made people stop reading Jewish books and whatever, so I think that the principal could...

Mom: Jessie, this isn't 1940!!

Me: I know...

Mom: You're just going to have to grin and bear.

Me: Grin and bear it?! More like PUKE and bear it!! It's embarrassing!! He's just my best friend. Can't they get over it?

Mom: Apparently not....

Isn't this awful?!


  1. Maybe you could have her disappear again... B-) =D ;^)

  2. Ooo, yeah, that's pretty bad. :P But also really funny (no offense)! :D

  3. Maybe if you give Noah your sandwich all the rumors will stop...

    post script: okay, I promise, I'll stop talking about giving Noah your sandwich now. ;D


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