Thursday, January 3, 2013

Party Horrors

Dear Readers,

Hey, this is Jessie!!

Let's just say that you probably don't want to hear about the dance.

What? You DO?!

OK, your funereal.

(It WASN'T MY FAULT, okay?!)

OK, so, like, I got ready, and then Noah's mom came over and we all went to the dance and got dropped off, and the whole time we were joking all over the place.

And then we finally got there, and the whole thing was totally decked out like this huge castle or something, with streamers and big paper cutouts and lots of crazy stuff. We were pretty much like "are you serious? This was the GYM?!"

So then Noah's mom drove off and we just walked in there like old pals. I think that Noah wanted us to go, but didn't want to go with me and ask because he was afraid that I'd think he was going all weirdo on me. So it was all relaxed and totally friend-to-friend, which was what I wanted.

When we walked in, Summer looked about ready to burst.

"What's her problem?" I snorted.

"Probably ate a sweet pickle," chuckled Noah. "Come on. I think I see some food over there."

Boys. Always thinking about food.

OK, OK, I admit it--I was starved. So we hurried over and attacked the food and then sat on in the chairs by the wall and watched the drama unfold. Pretty interesting.

First, Summer got jealous about Ladasha and "secretly" (not very. We could see the whole thing.) tripped Ladasha so that she fell right into Maurice, who'd been dancing with another girl who I'd never met.

Then Ladasha went and started yelling things that I wont repeat at Summer, which got everybody horrified and hushed. THEN the principal showed up and demanded what on earth was going on. Then Summer lied and said that Maurice had taken her out and then been ignoring her the whole time.

Then Ladasha told her that she was a liar--TO HER FACE--and then they both got taken off to the principal's office.

Then I got wrangled into dancing, and then Maurice asked me, and then I had to dance again with Noah, then I hid over by the refreshment table, and then, and only THEN, did the dance finally come to and end.


But then something really horrible happened. Summer had somehow escaped the hands of the principal and, just as I was walking out, yelled,


And I was horrified that I nearly fell over, and Noah grabbed my arm and we ran towards the door.

So then I finally managed to escape.

With Noah's help, of course.


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