Wednesday, September 4, 2013

i'm going to miss you

i'm going to miss you. yes, i'm going awhile for awhile. don't worry, there's some posts that have been planned out, so that you'll still hear from me, about once a week, i believe. i'm taking a little break. focusing more on some things that i tend to neglect. getting some really good time in with people that i care about. trying to get some things sorted out in my life. you know. all the usual things that could tear a person away from their lovely friends on blogger.

i'll miss you guys. i promise, if i don't die, or something out of the ordinary, that i'll start posting again in october. but don't worry, dear heart. posts will be coming. just scheduled. oh, how sad that sounds. you won't be really speaking to me now, but speaking to a person who scrambled together posts for a whole month and more in one whole day. but that's alright, right?

+i'll miss you+
+hope you miss me+
+hopefully see you soon+

live a lovely life for the One,


  1. I will miss you!! :/ But I know this is something you need to do. :) I love the picture you chose for this post! :D

  2. Aww, I'll miss you! :( But I understand! <3

  3. Yeah! I totally have to do that every once in awhile! I'll miss you too!<3


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