Friday, November 30, 2012

Do Everything

Sometimes I just feel like there's so much to do, but not any time to do them in. And then other times, I feel as if I have all the time in the world but nothing to do. And sometimes it just feels as if whatever you do, it's just not enough, it's just not important. It's like you do the dishes and wish you could be out with your friends. You're washing the dog and you wish you were off running around the countryside. You're outside picking up rocks and you're wishing that you're inside, writing on that new story idea that just came to you. And yet, it feels as if it's all in vain. So what? Who cares about those rocks, anyway? Why couldn't somebody else do the dishes? What are dishwashers even for, anyways? Why can't the dog just stay outside and stay dirty? You'd rather be out, doing things that really actually seem to matter, like building deeper relationships with your friends and learning more about the world around you. Or getting that story idea down before you go and forget it. I've really felt encouraged by one of Steven Curtis Chapman's new songs, Do Everything, which is about doing everything that you do to the glory of God. I'd really encourage you to listen to the song (below), even if you've already heard it a million times before.

What's been getting you down lately?

I feel like I'm sloshing through the mud,
Of the earth.
It's just not the place I knew before,
The place of my birth.
It's a changed place now, full of deceit--
Hate and lies.
I look for the people who're hiding,
Their scared eyes.
"Everything I do doesn't count,"
They say.
"I'll never do anything big,
Like what Jesus did that day."
But you realize the truth yourself,
And stoop to their side.
"Trust in Jesus," you say,
"In him abide.
"Do everything for the glory of God,
That he might say,
"Welcome home my good and faithful servant,
When it comes to that day."

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