Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Perfect Tea

How do you have the perfect tea party?

Love, I'm about to tell you. ;D

I hope you enjoy! Maybe you'll even have your own tea. :)

If you do, please tell me!! That would be awesome to know that I helped you get your own tea assembled. :)

First of all, before I begin, I'll say this--you're NEVER too old to go to a tea party. And maybe you have little friends. If they ask you, why not? It's lots of fun!

Of course, I'm sure you all know that tea wasn't just for little girls before.

But anyways.

Perfect tea?

We're starting. ;D

1. Do you have a tea set?
This might sound kind of silly, but seriously--do you have a tea set? Without a tea set, it's kind of hard to have a tea. (parts of a tea set: tea pot, sugar holder, cream pitcher, several cups with saucers, and of course stirring spoons) If you don't already have a tea set, it's really easy to pick one up at a second hand store for a really good price!
Also, if you are doing that, it's way OK if they don't have a huge tea set all together!! :) It's OK to pick out like five different tea cups (or how many you're going to need). It's always fun to pick your tea cup, isn't it? It also gives a sort of style.

2. Compile your guest list.
Who do you want to invite?
Who do you think would come?
Who can have the things that you will be serving?
(you should always make sure that your guests can actually eat what you're serving. For example I have a friend who can't eat products with flour, and I have friends with braces. They might be breaking the rules, but there's still the rules--you're not supposed to have tea or pop when you have braces. Have something else for them like lemonade. Or, for like my friend who can't have flour, maybe have some kind of special treat that they could have. Example: maybe candy. My friend loves chocolate. =D)
Start coming up with ideas before your tea party to see if your party would actually work out. Maybe even ask some of your friends if they would like an idea like that.
Once you know who's coming and everything, most likely the rest of the rules will be easier.
3. Get your perfect spot.
Do you have a spot in mind for your tea?
Outside in your garden?
In your dining room?
Your living room?
Your bedroom?
Or perhaps another place?
When you're planning a tea, you want to make sure you know where you're going to be at. If it's summer, maybe you can plan it outside. Or on a back porch, where the breeze can roll in. Or maybe you can decorate your living room and have it in there. There's lots of awesome places to hold teas.
(Like maybe you could redecorate your barn loft...? ;D)
Real quick here are some ideas for decorating a space to look more Victorian:
Take or hide the immediate modern appliances. For example if you're doing it in your living room, drape a knitted/crocheted blanket over your TV (if you have one). Put doilies (see below) underneath lamps. Instead of lamps, maybe, you could put candles. (if you have them, kerosene lamps are AWESOME!!! :)) Even put like tablecloths or sheets or blankets over small tables that you have. Drape blankets over your couch and chairs. Add pillows, maybe some that you've embroidered. If you have a tea hat, maybe you could hang it on the wall instead of that modern painting. Be creative and don't be afraid to try something out!!! :)
4. Get your "tea" and food ready.
I don't know if you've heard this, but you don't actually have to drink tea at a tea party. Use your favorite drink, like maybe lemonade or soda. You can still have the tea party feel by pouring your drink into your tea pot and cup.
As for tea, try lots of different kinds! Maybe even have several tea pots. It always lots of fun to choose something and maybe even try something new. And you don't have to go for the really expensive teas. Just try some of the cheaper ones. They're lots of fun!! :)
 As for goodies? You can do whatever you want!! Make the cookies that you love, buy some crackers from Wal-Mart, make a cake, just whatever! Also, sometimes it's fun to make sandwiches.
To give the sandwiches extra styles, try doing different "designs" with them. Example: cut off the corners, or make them into triangles. (i.e. on the triangles: take a piece of bread and cut it in half in a way that makes it triangles, from, say, the top right corner to the bottom left corner.)
It's lots of fun!! :) You can also use cookie cutters. Those work really well.
5. Tea Party Decorations.
Do you want that perfect look of beauty and Victorianishness? Then you'll not want to forget your decorations! Though the table above is pretty and attractive, you don't have to go quite to those lengths.
What kind of decorations are good at a tea party?
Tablecloths are a very good idea. Not only are they pretty, but they protect Mom's prized table from little messes that always happen. (don't worry--I always make messes :P)
Flowers are also very pretty. Maybe you can pick some that are in your back yard, or maybe you have fake flowers. Either way, put in a vase or even an old water bottle or something that's decorated with paper, it looks very well on your table arranged around your tea set!! :)
And maybe something else? Doilies are also very pretty. (what are doilies? Click here)(I'm pretty much positive that if you don't know what they are by ear, you'll know what they are when you see them) These are very pretty. Put them underneath your flowers or in the middle of the table.
Also, you can add other decorations to your table, too!! Be creative!! Maybe you have that pretty little figurine that you would just love to put on a doily... try it out!! That's how things are invented. =D
6. Some things about manners.
I don't know if you know anything about proper manners. I don't even know if you CARE about manners. You can either have a really fun time and just be yourself, or you can try the formal.
For the formal tea party: make sure that you serve your guests first. You should do this anyway, just to be polite to your friends. And if you see them glancing towards your plate of goodies, offer them another or make it known that everybody can take as many as they want. You want to be aware of your guests and make sure they have a wonderful time!! :)
7. The perfect outfit.
Not only do you want your party to look perfect, you want YOURSELF to look perfect.
Just dress in something fun!! Maybe your new dress that you got for your birthday, or that really pretty dress that your dad just bought you.
Or, you could go total Victorian and dress up like they might've back then when they went to tea with long dresses, big hats, white gloves, and parasols. Either way it lots of fun!! And if you tell your friends, you can all dress up together. :)

8. The before and afterwards.
Don't forget to send out invitations and thank-yous! You can go either way on these. It's really easy to pick up a pack of thank you and invitation cards for really cheap. Or, you can make your own, whether by yourself or with the help of a computer. Be creative!!! :)

And most of all, don't forget to have a GREAT time!!!!! :)


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    4. Oh, OK. ;D

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  2. A very handy list. You did a good job!

  3. Neat! I'm not a big fan of tea, but I do love tea parties! :)
    And I LOVE that dress by the way! :D


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