Thursday, November 8, 2012

Need some help? Read on!!

I saw that somebody (actually, I know who it is, but anyway...) voted for me to do designing tips and such!!! :) So excited!!!! Mostly because designing is one of my passions. :)

Mostly, I use an awesome site called PicMonkey. OK, not mostly. I DO use PicMonkey, all the time!! :) It's like the most awesome site ever. EVER, I'm saying.

More about PicMonkey--PicMonkey is a free photo editing site. But then how on earth are you going to get things blank to make headers and everything?

Love, I'm about to show you.

(Talk to Madeline if you're annoyed by me calling you "love". She started it, lol.) =D

What you do is take a photo--any photo. A photo of yours, a photo off the internet. It's your choice. Go onto PicMonkey and click Edit a Photo. (example up there. That's what you'll be faced with, though they change the pictures around.)
(I'm using this as an example.)
See these things on the side?
Those are some of your options.
You can do lots of fun stuff on this site--add fonts, overlays, backgrounds, you name it, and it's probably on there!!!

But, first of all--making a picture like the one above look blank.

You take it to the little chemistry bottle. It's actually on that setting in the picture above. Go down to "artsy" (look at the labels, ya'll) and click on "draw". Choose white, make the paint really big, and then draw it all white.

Presto! A white canvas!!

(I also saw another way described by Kathryn....)

Then go to the fonts. (hint: it's a P) You can choose all sorts of fun fonts and change the colors and the sizes and everything.

A little thing before we go on. On some of the effects and everything, there's a little crown. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR IT. According to PicMonkey, everything on their site is free. For the moment. They'll tell us when they're not. (Where am I getting my information? Click here. This link takes you right to their site where they say it.)

Feel free to check around!!!

Want more designing tips? If so, vote on the poll and I'll give more detail!! For simple help on designing your blog layout, I have some help tips here on my blog Storyteller of Weston County.



  1. Real lovely, love. ;)


    1. Sorry I didn't tag you!! I was going to, but then I got sidetracked... :P


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