Friday, November 30, 2012

Generation Staff, Piper, Kiri Liz, Willow, and Mandy--please read! :)

Wow, that's really small.
Anyway, I got awarded by Piano Bookworm! Thanks so much!! :)

The Rules:

1: When you receive the award you must post about it on your blog and leave a link to my blog.
2: Answer all the questions to the tag below.
3: Do not award anyone who has more than one hundred followers.
4: Come up with ten questions for the tag.
5: Keep your questions clean and refrain from using bad language.
(of course, but thanks to whoever added that rule)
6: Tag 5 to 10 people.
(easy enough ;))
Piano's Questions:

1. Do you like snow or rain better?

2. Would you rather live on a ranch or a farm?

A farm. It seems more mystical. =D
3. Would you rather live in an enchanted castle or a cottage in a fairy forest?

Hmm... probably a cottage in a fairy forest.
4. Do you like books set in more modern times, or books set in ancient or older times?

I like all kinds of books, as long as they're about girls. :D
5. Socks/slippers or barefoot?

Socks, though they're disgusting if they get wet. =P
6. Pink, Green, Yellow or Blue?

7. Are you musical in any way? (Singing, playing an instrument) If so, what is it?

I play piano, do handbells, and do choir.
8. Is this too many questions?

No, this isn't.
9. Do you like asking questions or answering them better?

I like answering them better, I suppose. It's more work the other way around.
10. Are you the quiet type, or the more outgoing type?

I'm more quiet, but around my friends I suppose I'm pretty loud. (You should be able to answer that one, old friend, eh?)

My questions:

1) Blogger or wordpress? (if you're reading this, probably blogger. But you never know.)

2) Are you/were you excited to drive? (cars) Why or why not?

3) What is your most deadly fear?

4) What's a funny moment that's happened to you recently?

5) What is your favorite of my stories?

6) Who is your favorite character of my stories?

7) What would make the most epic book ever? (details such as (ahem this is kind of mine) the main character is a girl, somehow there's a dreamcatcher and a blue moon involved, and she has a bag full of cool stuff like old books, old maps, a compass, etc. and owns a cloak. Kind of get the idea?)

8) What's your least favorite question of mine so far?

9) Why did you (if you do) decide to follow my blog?

10) What has been your favorite blog design you have ever seen? (perhaps give a link)

The Awarded:

The hard working staff@Generation Gazette (Sierra, please take care of this)


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