Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sometimes, there's no better title for a best than "my life".

 Well, I'm taking on the job designing thingy, so now I'm having to learn to use Wordpress. It's kind of interesting, and sooooo much different than blogger. I keep on getting scared that I might accidently click one of the "pay for this" things and have to pay for something. =P Ah, well, I'll get better. I only started teaching myself today. It's kind of funny. I have all of these winter headers up on all my blogs, and yet the picture that goes with this post is of a girl in fall apparel. That's probably just because I love the picture so much that I just used it. =P I tried it as my profile picture and, nope, didn't quite work. *sigh* I suppose I'll be stuck with the girl on the horse for forever. =D lol I should really start Jessie Bender up again, but she's missing, so I've got to come up with a reason WHY she's missing. You guys are probably like "WHAT?! YOU JUST SENT HER OFF FOR NO REASON!?!?" But really--with a character like Jessie Bender, you're going to want stories about her lots, right? But life's been so busy lately, it's kind of hard. =P I've been starting all of these new stories, too, because the ideas keep on coming. I've got a book going where it's not really even remotely close to the end and I already have over 200 pages. It's about a Chinese Dragonmaster, though not the kind I've explained before. (like on my blog with Alex and Andria.) And that comes to ANOTHER thing. I've been so busy, what about Alex and Andria?! I've really got to work on them... =P By the way, Connie's second story has really gotten dug into, so hopefully I'll be able to finish that soon. I'm really rambling, aren't I? And to make it worse, I haven't made any new paragraphs. :/ I hope you're having a great day!! It's just one of those days that my soul seems to be soaring like an eagle. God bless you all!!!!!! :)


  1. Storygirl-

    I would really love to read the Jessie Bender's stories thing everyone seems to be crazy about. But I cannot find the first part of it or whatever.

    Do you think you can send me a link or something to tell me which is the first letter? The story seems to be a lot of letters. =)

    1. I know. I think I'm going to have a Story contest for where Jessie was and what happened to her, and then the best person's story that person will get to appear in the next of Jessie's letters. Does that sound good?? :)

      Here is the link for when I introduced Jessie in August: Hope you enjoy!! :)



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