Friday, March 29, 2013

a post in which i talk randomly [again][yeah]

Dear Readers,

Today was really busy. =P I got a seriously bad sunburn and watched lots of runners. (if you've watched a track meet before--have you ever just felt like you're the one dying out on the field instead of the person who's actually dying??? I seriously felt that today.... =P [that might be because I've died while trying to practice... =P])

Anyway, I'm really trying to work on Olivia 3 (=P). Please don't freak out if I don't finish right away. There's a few things that's wrong with it and would need like real rewriting, and at the time I'm more focusing on stories that I could actually possibly publish in the future. So that's mostly why I haven't been writing on it lately..... not to mention that I keep on getting bombarded with story ideas. =P

(oh yeah, and The Thief... err, yeah... that book... =P)
(and all of the other books)

Anyway, I was wondering... do you guys like book reviews?? I'm mean, really? Seriously? Girl to girl??????? (please please please tell me)

I can't wait to tell you guys who won the picture contest!!! :)

Talk to ya later.

(who still needs a new name)
(MAJOR HELP!!!!!!!)


  1. Yes I love it when u do book reviews!! It really gives me new ideas for books to read:):)

  2. I like book reviews! Promise! No lies here:) And I can't wait to hear who won either though I doubt it will be me:/ Haha!


    1. I wouldn't sell yourself short on that. You just might surprise yourself. :)

  3. For your new name: Robin? Cosette? If you want to be really fancy you can pick a word you like {for example, snow} and see what it means/is called in another language. I was writing a Russian-ie-ish book and I took Lucy {which means ''light''} and then had the Russian people call her whatever ''light'' was in Russian. :)

    1. Hmm... I kind of like Robyn....... :) That's a really good idea, Madeline!! :) Did you know that Aslan is Turkish for lion??? (sorry, that was a little random... =P)

    2. And did you know that lovely Edmund is part Turkish? <3

    3. Really?? Like the name, or the actor? =D

  4. I think book reviews are fairly enjoyable. Although I like book reviews on Youtube more on blog posts; I'd still be able to manage. :)

    Love you,

    1. I've never heard of them on YouTube... =D


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