Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Magic Quiz

So so so sooooo sorry for being gone for so long!! :/ There was the play and then I got sick and.... yeah, anyway... =P

To make up for being boring for so long, what about a quiz? ;D Yeah? OK, let's start... ;)

(Modern Day)

Do you have a modern day, but seemingly different kind of magic? This is kind of referring to the kind of magic in books where it's a normal every day story, and yet something seems a little... magical.

(Olden Day)

Do you kind of have the olden day, beautiful, crystal kind of magic? This is referring to like when you walk into an old bookshop and think of, say, Inkheart or if you walked into an old mansion and immediately get a story idea. That kind of old time feeling magic.


Do you kind of have that out of this world, and yet still in this world magic? This is kind of like my Danielle Panabaker story. It sounds like it's in our world--maybe in the future--and yet, it's totally different. Magical.


Do you kind of have that beautiful, delicate, mysterious magic? That feeling you get when you see the elves of LOTR or you read a beautiful, happy magic book.

Take this quiz to find out! :)

(And by the way... the answers aren't all realistic, but try to think of yourself in the sense of that you're a book character. What would you want to be your story? Hmm? ;))

1. You're told by your parents that you're moving. You're just sure that...
A. ...the house that you're moving to is going to be plain, old, and dusty.
B. ...the house that you're moving to is old and mysterious, with lots of mysterious for you to unlock while you stay there.
C. ...the house that you're moving to has a secret staircase that will lead you to a magical place.
D. ...that it will have a huge library full of magical books waiting to take you on adventures.

2. You just found out that you possibly have magical blood in you. You're sure that...
A. ...you're probably really like some awesome writer's daughter or something.
B. ...you're definitely going to be some kind princess of some kind.
C. ...you're some kind of reclusive sprite or something.
D. ...you're definitely an elf or a fairy! :)

3. What you love most is...
A. ...old watches, dusty bookshops, and compasses.
B. ...ball gowns, fancy gloves, telescopes, old love letters, trunks and chests.
C. ...satchels, caps, scarves, beaded hair, stained glass, a beautiful magical place that's more futuristic than anything.
D. ...Blue Moons, moonlight shining on water, waterfalls, beautiful dresses, shimmering cloaks, and flutes.

4. You're most described by...
A. ...confident and courageous.
B. ...mysterious and smart.
C. ...unique and different.
D. ...angelic and beautiful.

5. What most sounds like the adventure you'd want to have?
A. Some kind of adventure in your hometown where the risks aren't very high and everything turns out alright in the end.
B. One full of mystery and intrigue, including an old house, some small magic, and lots of danger for you and your friends.
C. An adventure with lots of action packed adventure, with lots of danger, twists, and turns, out of which you don't even know if YOU'LL survive.
D. An adventure full of beauty, majesty, magic, mystery, danger, and everything else combined with a silver blue cloak.

6. If you were in a book, the story would begin...
A. ...there once lived a girl, in a very small town, and nothing ever happened.
B. ...once, a long time ago, there was an old mansion.
C. ...I have always loved adventure; but I never knew how that love would nearly kill me.
D. ...there was a Blue Moon, shining down on the waters; and that night a baby was born.

Now to calculate your results...

(aka this quiz is over, ya'll... ;D)

Mostly As is............ The Modern Day Magic!
Mostly Bs is............... The Olden Day Magic!
Mostly Cs is..................... The Unique Magic!
Mostly Ds is.................. The Beautiful Magic!

And I am......

(let's see... =P)

.......I'm the Beautiful Magic!! (Yippee!! =D) haha ;)

Thanks for taking!! I'd LOVE to hear who YOU are!!! :)


  1. WOW! I was really close but I ended up being The Olden Day Magic:) Great quiz, sorry u were sick =/

  2. I'm beautiful with olden as a VERY close second:)

  3. I'm the olden day magic!
    Thanks for the cool quiz Storyteller! :D

  4. I'm The Beautiful Magic! Love the quiz!
    Oh and thanks for the post!

  5. I got all D's so I'm....Beautiful Magic
    I thought as much.
    Your Friend

  6. That was a REALLY cool quiz!
    I was Beautiful magic, I answered every one D. Now we can be beautiful magic togather! :D

    Thanks for making this! I had fun!

    1. Thanks!! That's so awesome!! :)

      You're welcome!! I love doing it!! :)

  7. I'm the Beautiful Magic, with one B. =D Awesome.


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