Monday, March 25, 2013

Secret Story Contest--results...

Today is March 25... aka the day that I announce the results of the Secret Story Contest!! :)

I was sooooo happy. SO MANY of you guys entered!! :) Thanks so much!!

I had like the hardest time in the world narrowing down the choices. I finally got to my top favorite three, but then I was having the hardest time choosing different places...

I want to assure each and every one of you that ALL of your entries were just AWESOME!! :)

But, unfortunately, I had to pick winners.

Please remember that the prizes are...
A. Blog design.
B. Being featured on this blog.
C. Personal interview.

First place will get to pick first. Second place next. And third place gets whatever is left.

OK, you ready? :)

First place goes to........

.........Lena Elizabeth!!!
Click to view the awesome entry. :)

I really liked her cover and story. Really awesome!! Please go and check it out!! :)

Lena? Please contact me right away with what you want, so that the other two winners won't have to wait. ;)

Second place goes to.......

.........Sarah Elizabeth!!!
Click to view her awesome entry. :)

Hey.... Elizabeth must be on a roll..... =D

And, finally...

....third place....

....goes to.....

.........Piano Bookworm!!!
Click to view HER awesome entry. =D

Congrats, winners!! :) Please talk to me right away about your prizes. ;)

And congrats to everyone who entered!! You were all awesome!! :)


  1. Ohmigoodness! I can't believe it! 2ND PLACE!!!

    Thanks for hosting this contest, Storyteller! It was tons of fun! =D

  2. Oh, thank you Storyteller! I'm glad you liked my cover! And I really liked Sarah Elizabeth's cover, she deserved second place. =D


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