Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dear You, Love Me

dear you,

i'm thinking of you. i miss you. i feel so alone without you. like there's nobody else who understands me. you were the only one, ever. and now you're gone. and i'm not even sure what i'm going to do. i go to the places that we used to go to. but that only makes it worse. i can barely see your face anymore, in my mind. pictures don't do you justice. that's just a captured moment. i don't want a captured moment. i want you.

i feel lost without you. i don't feel... the same. please come back. i know you can't, but i wish you would at least try. that would make all the difference. i know that you're not going to write back to me. because you can't. but i wish you'd still try.

i miss you,

fictional||inspired by the picture


  1. Beautiful in very way!

    Story that goes with this?!?! You gonna write one?!?! :D *wink*

    1. Thanks. :)

      Well, now that you said it, I decided to. ;)

  2. Wow. * sniffles * That was beautiful... <3



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