Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"It's always a Good Time..."

Music love time. <3

Well, first off, the music artist who I've talked about the most on this blog is... *drum roll* Owl City. (of course... ;)) So, I'm going to have a little "I love all of these Owl City songs" time. :) Just because I love the sound of Owl City. :)

"Good Time"
(catchiter then anythin' ;))

(first song I ever heard by him... got me hooked... {obviously} ;D)
(the song that made him famous...)

"Alligator Sky"

Yeah, well, I love lots more by him, but I suppose these are enough for now, eh? ;) What are some of your favorite songs? What's your favorite Owl City song? :)


  1. Now I'm soo wondering!??! Is Owl City secular or Christian??
    Because I had heard "Good Time" before somewhere and got it stuck in my head, and now I'm like... "That's Owl City???" LOL


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