Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Remember Me?


And weirder than ever.

Okay, to tell you the truth, I don't even remember if this was the blog I guest-posted on. It was one of Storyteller's, for sure, I'm just too lazy to find the link {sorry guys}.
But basically, I think I scared you out last time I posted. Sorry 'bout that.
So, this will probably be a normal {*cringe*} post because I like Storyteller, and I'd rather not have her ban me from her blog {not that she'd do that, but I take no chances}.

SO.... I finished a novel 'bout last year, and I'm working on the second. I have been posting tid-bits of it, but I haven't given anything reveling out. So, you're going to get something reveling, for all you bloggers who have read the first bit*:

My peace and quiet is interrupted by the Duchess and Duke’s son, Lord Cedric. ‘’Queen Alissa; I would not have expected the honor of finding you in the hallway. A pleasure it is,’’ Lord Cedric says politely. When anybody important is near him, he is quite alright, pleasant even. It is not so with ‘’the lessers,’’ as I’ve heard him call the servants and peasants.
‘’Lord Cedric, I must say the same,’’ I say coolly, traditionally holding out my hand for him to take and kiss. He does. I find that tradition silly and frivolous, but I’m required to do it.
There’s an awkward silence. Usually people warm right up to him, and there is no trouble talking between them. But Lord Cedric and I have a different relationship and we do not talk so warmly and easily with each other. I’ve often wondered if he’s wondered why I don’t warm up to him like so many other people. I think he must, because he often glances at me with a slightly puzzled look in his eyes.
‘’Ah, and the little miss Princess Flannery,’’ Lord Cedric says, breaking the silence. He takes his long, white fingers and tickles them under Flannery’s chin. She laughs, but not out of pleasure, more by being tickled. Somehow one of them moves its way up to her mouth, where she then bites him, hard with her one tooth, on his finger.
‘’Ow!’’ Lord Cedric yelps. He quickly snatches his fingers away from Flannery and massages the injured one. ‘’She’s growing quickly, Queen Alissa,’’ Lord Cedric says less politely, trying to hastily wipe a drop of blood off his bite. ‘’I’m very sorry for your bite. She must be teething. Would you like me to take you to the Healer’s Wing?’’ I ask politely, a faint smile dancing on my lips.
‘’No, no… I’ll take myself, I wouldn’t want to take your time away from you…  Thank you for the pleasure, Queen Alissa,’’ Lord Cedric says hastily, in his effort to get away. He quickly vanishes down the stairs.
‘’Now, Flannery, you mustn’t take to biting people,’’ I say absentmindedly, beginning to pace again.

I am now officially made to go to dinner, now that I don’t have an excuses to avoid it. Flannery is still too young to be taken with me, so I give her to Maria to take care of her until dinner is over.
‘’Lord Cedric, how delightful it is to see you again,’’ I say stiffly but politely. Him being a guest and all I’m required to sit next to him at dinner, ensuring his uncomfortableness.
‘’Queen Alissa, I never fail to enjoy my time spent in your company. Princess Flannery is not here?’’ Lord Cedric asks, slightly uncomfortable.
‘’No, she’s not,’’ I ensure a little bit laughingly.
‘’A shame that is.’’
We talk rather politely and stiffly together about small things, like how the weather was like when he traveled here, how he thinks it’ll be when he leaves… small things like that. Dinner is not fast enough when talking about small topics.

‘’Ah, another one,’’ Andrew sighs tiredly, bending over his desk in our room.
‘’Another what?’’ I ask curiously. ‘’Another letter asking for betrothal to Flannery with their son.’’
‘’What?’’ I yelp, clutching my only daughter closer to my chest. Flannery squirms uncomfortably in my arms.
‘’A letter—‘’
‘’Yes, yes, I know, I heard that. Thank you. I didn’t know, however, that people were sending letters to you on the subject?’’ I interrupt. The idea of Flannery, in only seventeen years, wearing white and getting married makes me uncomfortable. Do they really grow that quickly? My baby’s too young to be getting letters asking for betrothal!
‘’Yes, it’s custom to do so for a royal daughter. Fifty-two year olds asking for her hand in marriage once she’s eighteen to fathers with children with all different ages to people asking who hope their un-born yet child will be a male.’’
‘’I hope you’ve refused them all,’’ I say fiercely, holding Flannery to me even tighter. She wails in discomfort. ‘’Alissa, you know I couldn’t do that. Potentially some of these letters could be from very good men in the next few years. I’d rather have her married off to some kind, good man than being in love with some bad one. I answer all of them with ‘’please ask again once Flannery is of age.’’’’ Andrew says simply. It makes good sense and that’s the part that annoys me.
‘’Now, I’d suggest loosening your hold on Flannery before you suffocate her,’’ Andrew says lightly. Sure enough, I find my hold on Flannery… was a bit too tight. She’s still giving me a mis-trusted glance even a few minutes later. 

It's a larger, more boring piece but it shows more of Alissa's life after Snow White One. So.... It's all good.
*If you're wondering, my first novel IS online. However, it's on a private blog that I would have to give you acess to to read it. I am more than happy to grant that, but you'd have to email me.
La Email:

Anyway, cheerio!

Madeline writes here.
She has finished her first novel, Into The Forest, and is currently working on her second.
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