Friday, June 28, 2013

thank you, little heart

my finger's cold against the glass as i trace the heart onto the window. the chill stays on my finger, even as i stare at the heart, the lights rolling by behind it. the car shakes a little, but my eyes stay on that heart. that thing that shows me that there is still somewhere that loves me. someone that cares about me. and, slowly, i smile.

i'm not alone in this. i'm not the only one who has felt this way. i'm not the only one who has felt like i'm going to fail. like i'm alone. like nobody else understands me. i keep my focus on that heart. i don't stare out the window, into the depressing world outside. the one that i feel has betrayed. i keep my focus on that heart. and i realize that i still have one. and i smile.

thank you, little heart, for reminding me; reminding me that there are others. that there is hope. that i'm never going to be alone. thank you, little heart. thank you.

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