Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Prayer Requests

Oooh! Oooh! A theater!! (stop, stop, you're making me nervous...) Justttt... kidding. =D Well, kind of. Come on, I've got some serious stage fright issues going on. ;) But I still love acting.

Unfortunately, this post here isn't dedicated to acting. (though it's something very worthy and probably should have a whole post dedicated to it, huh?)

Anyway, I thought I just might want to talk about some things that have been going on. Well, um, specifically ones that need some prayer.

First off, my dad just got diagnosed with cancer, so if you could pray for him, that would be amazing.

Second off, I'm have HTML issues with my header on this blog, and it's freaking me out. So, yeah, just be praying for that, and that I don't feel freaked out anymore. :) (I seriously think I actually had a bad dream last night because of that... anyway...)

Third off, and most importantly, I just learned from a friend that there was this girl who wanted to commit suicide because of some bullying issues. Thankfully, my friend stopped her, but still, she needs lots of prayer. Please pray that she'll come to know Christ and that God will save her from the bullies. (apparently this is really, really serious, not just a "give me your lunch money, kid" kind of a thing. Please be praying.)

Thanks, guys. :)


  1. I know all about stage fright! I am the only one in my family who has it and they just think it is nothing! YEAH RIGHT! Lol!

    I and my family are praying for your dad.

    Yep, headers are such nasty things sometimes. Praying for you to have strength. :D

    I will pray for the girl who is being bullied. I am homeschooled and I have never had personal trouble with bullying, but anyway I am very much against it!!!!! I have a cousin (who I have never really been that close to, but she is only about two years older than me) who has tried to take her life more than once.
    I get cold chills when I think about that.

    1. Exactly!! lol ;D

      Thank you so much. <3

      haha thanks:)

      Thank you!! :)

  2. Heyyyy girlll!!!! :D

    I'm praying for your daddy and your family<3 I'm praying for your HTML problems too;)
    Thanks so much for posting about my friend! I've been meaning to do a blog post about it... I've been sorta living on G+ planet for the last few weeks and have forgotten about my blog :(
    You're an awesome friend!!! Thanks again<3

    1. Thanks so much, Maddie:) It means sooooo much to me:)

      Of course!! That is so serious. I knew somebody who wanted to commit suicide. It's a scary reality. I don't want somebody going to hell just because they didn't have anybody there for them to show them the love of Christ. Thanks so much for saving her, Maddie. :)


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