Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Well, hello there, world!

hi there! :)

my name is Sarah and I blog over at My Randomness and Ramblings!
I just wanna say a quick "thanks" to Storyteller for letting me guest post for her while life is keeping her busy! ;)

I was chatting with Kayla earlier on G+ and she and I discovered that we both were really insecure about sharing our writings with anybody. Even people who are close to us. And blogging has helped the both of us to overcome some of that insecurity.

What about you? Did blogging help you to overcome any fears or insecurities?
Do you have any personal traits (i.e. being dramatic, or unpredictable, etc) that you feel help you to stay creative in your writing?

I, for one, have dozens of short stories locked away that only two or three people (at the most) have seen.
I was thinking of maybe sharing one or two of those old short stories with you all while I'm guest posting for Storyteller. :) Who knows? Maybe I will!

Do you have any writing tips to share?? Please, by all means, leave a comment and tell us what you've learned since you started blogging! :)

Ciao! ;)
Sarah xoxo


  1. Yes! I feel the same way about my writings! I guess sometimes I don't want people reading it... I'm afraid that some people won't think it's good. But, like you, blogging has helped me some with this. :) Loved this guest post, Sarah!



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