Tuesday, June 18, 2013

"i'm sorry i didn't know then"

the rose fell, landing softly on the ground, making practically no sound. her eyelashes fluttered, her heartbeat leapt. no. the thought swept through her. the man knelt before her, the saddest look she had ever seen on his face.

"so that is your answer," he whispered.

he got up from his knees, starting to walk away, looking so grown up in his uniform. eyelashes fluttering from tears, she looked down at the rose at her feet, and then to the retreating young man. he had once meant everything to her. they had been best friends. but this... this was different.

"Richard, wait," she whispered.

he didn't reply. he didn't turn back.

and he never made it back.

the rose still lay on the porch, years later, withered, dead. the girl, now an old woman, walked down that same path that she had walked years ago with the young man that had once loved her. now he was gone. she bent down and picked up the rose. snowflakes fall all around her. and she sat down and cried.

"i love you, Richard," she whispered. "i'm sorry i didn't know that then."

Just a short story. Sorry it's so sad. Just inspired by the picture...


  1. oh my goodness, this was so beautiful and emotional! It seriously pulled on my heartstrings<3

  2. oh gosh, you're getting me all teary eyed... *sniffles* that was so so so beautiful. I loved it so much. <3

    amazing. you. you are amazing.


  3. This is almost too beautiful! Very few thing bring me to tears but this did!!

    Excellant work, Storyteller!

  4. This was so beautiful! Hope you write more like this. I enjoy reading them:) -Katy

  5. This is BEAUTIFUL and sad... I rarely enjoy sobbing over a story, but I enjoyed doing it over this one<3 Keep up your awesomeness!!!
    Your friend,


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