Monday, June 10, 2013


(not my picture. taken from Pinterest)

I love you.
Sometimes I hate you,
but I still love you.

Sometimes we fight.
Sometimes  I still don't understand you,
but I love you.

Sometimes you don't like something that I've done.
And sometimes I agree.
I love you.

Sometimes we laugh.
Sometimes when I cry over something stupid, you still comfort me.
I love you.

Sometimes you tell me I'm a nerd.
Sometimes (okay, a lot of time) I annoy you.
but I love you.

Sometimes you tell me "You know you're crazy, right?"
Sometimes I agree.
I love you, sister.



  1. This post almost made me cry. My sister is going to college this fall, and it is almost one of the saddest things that will happen to me. We're super, super close. We aren't only sisters, but we're friends!
    I adore this post!

    1. Aww! :') I'm so glad you liked it! My sister and I are like this too! She turns 18 this fall, so I still have a year or two of her being at home for sure. :) I know what that feels like though, my oldest sister is 21 and lives 10 hours away. <3
      It's not easy at first, but it gets easier to bear as time goes on, and with lots of visits, and phone calls and care packages!

    2. Yeah:) well, I'm glad that it gets easier after awhile!

    3. Yeah:) I'm glad that it gets easier for me after awhile.


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