Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Book review--Zach's Lie

"Zach's Lie"
By Roland Smith

Name: Zach's Lie
Author: Roland Smith
Genre: Middle School Life, action, adventure
Summary: Because of his dad, Jack Osborne is put into the Witness Security program, where his new name is Zach Granger.
Good points: The book was pretty easy to get into, packed full of adventure, and pretty suspenseful. For a "I-will-put-down-this-book-if-it-doesn't-get-interesting-right-away" kind of reader, this book was pretty good. Very interesting, and well put together. And the author actually seemed to know what he was talking about, not just making up stuff. He actually sounded like he did research. (Good job, dude. ;D) I really liked reading about what it would be like to be put into the Witness Security Program.
Bad points: Since this is, of course, a mainstream book (not Christian), there's going to be the boy-girl thing. (especially because it's Middle School.... seventh grade, no less. Ughy) This was rather disgusting to me, though there wasn't anything "bad" in it, just the "oh she's cute I want to date her" thingy diggy. (which is pretty annoying....) Zach/Jack DOES get a girlfriend (though she almost dies =P) but it's not bad or anything. Just a warning if you don't like the seventh grade romance drama. =P Also, his dad was part of a drug smuggling ring. i.e. the dad flew planes for the drug smuggler dude. So that might be kind of offensive. (I myself was like, "He did WHAT?!")
My thoughts: This book was interesting, overall, but not a fave.
My rating: 2/3 stars
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