Wednesday, February 13, 2013

And why hath I neglected you [for a day]?!

Picture from this awesome blog.
Dear Readers,

Why did I not post yesterday?!

*drum roll*

I had a cold, and I was reallyyyyyyyyyy tired, so basically it was a eat-chicken-noodle-soup-and-watch-movies day. (Yes, pretty awesome, except that I was way tired.... =P And my throat hurt. Yeah. It was that kind of a cold. And today my nose's runny. Yuck.)

Anyway, thanks so much, Brittney Ann, for linking up on Embers|pictures that inspire!! I LOVED your pictures. (Recognize the one in this post? Sorry, I just loved it so much. :) Are you on Pinterest?? You'd have awesome photos!! :))

Anyway, so no news on Rubberboot Girl getting published. As soon as the magazine's website is available I'll go and leave you the link so that maybe you can subscribe!! :) (It's a free Christian magazine. I hope you do subscribe!! And if you have a business, you might be able to get it advertised. I'm not quite sure.)

Anyway, lately I've really been focusing on prayer in my own life. It's amazing. I find myself praying a lot. Every time I think of something, I'm just praying. It's so awesome!! :) God is so good. :)

I'll catch ya'll later. ;)


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