Friday, February 22, 2013

Relations Conversations

Dear Readers,

Hey, this is Jessie!!

Well, ever since the "newspaper rebuke" (=P) I've been carrying a camera around everywhere and snapping pictures. What do you guys think of these??

Oh, stink, it's not letting me upload. Sorry. =P

Anyway, so I've got news on the baby.

I mean, Willie.

(Don't remember him being called Willie? Skip over here.)

Anyway, so Mom and Dad have just been ecstatic over Willie. And Mom's got a bump now. I think he's supposed to be due in June or something like that. Anyway, I'm excited. Soon I'll be Jessie, the crazy and dramatic older sister!!! :) Yay!!!!!!

This morning Noah called me to talk about Willie.

Noah: So, like, what's he like?

Me: Noah, duh, he hasn't been born yet. I have no idea what he's like. Baby cuteness?

Noah: haha, very funny.

Me: Well, you said it...

Noah: Anyway, you'll let me know when Willie comes, right? I feel like I'm his uncle or something.

Me: *snorts* His uncle? Are you kidding? That would mean that like..... oh my gosh I'm going to puke....

Noah: What's wrong?


Noah: Oh, sorry, I didn't mean an uncle like THAT!

Me: I hope not.

Noah: Of course not.

Me: *glares even though he can't see it* Yeah, well, I'll let you PRETEND that you're his uncle, OK?

Noah: Wait a sec. If I was his uncle, it would not be like I was married to you!

Me: *pauses* Oh, right, duh. He's my brother.

Noah: I'd have to be his brother-in-law.

Me: Which isn't happening.

Noah: Duh.

Me: Anyway, so.... yeah, I'll call you once Willie's born.

Noah: Can I go with you guys to the hospital?

Me: Noah, I don't think you're going to be with us. Besides, who's going to drive you over? Your mom? She works.

Noah: I'll walk.

Me: To the hospital. On probably a school day.

Noah: Yeah, sure. I'll fake puking, so they'll let me out of school.

Me: Don't you think they'll get suspicious when you just walk off down the sidewalk?

Noah: Jessie, they'd take me back to my house and then when they're gone I can just walk to the hospital. It's foolproof!

Me: *snorts* I doubt it. What if they watch your house?

Noah: What do you think they are, the FBI?

Me: Hey, I read a book once about librarians being spies... anyway...

Noah: What?! Seriously?

Me: Yeah, it was called the Brixton Brothers series. ANYWAY, we'll figure out something. Either way, you'll eventually see Willie.

Noah: OK. Hey, I gotta go. Bye!

Me: Bye.

So, yeah.....

And if you want to hear more about the Brixton Brothers, I can badger Storyteller until she writes a book review. ;)

Until later!


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