Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Wind in the Willows #3

Right click; click image in new window; copy the address; put it in your post. ;)
Wanna know how to play?

1. Copy the picture above and my questions.
2. Put them in a post and answer them.
And, if you want, leave the link of your post in the comments and I'll check it out!! :)

Let's start the game (and remember, I'm answering these, too...):

1. Are you excited for the new Star Wars movie coming out?

Oh yeah!!! =D

2. If you could get another blog, would you?

Are you kidding, myself?! I have enough.... =P

3. What's your favorite type of story?

Fantasy. Real life. Historical fiction. The list goes on...

...and on and on and on and on. =D

4. What would be more horrible--accidently throwing a burrito on the most popular girl in school or accidently tipping your chair over on the first day of school?

Oh stink..... (why did I came up with this?)... probably throwing the burrito on the girl. Then they'd be mad, too.... =P

5. Do you like reading?

Like it? LOVE it!!!! =D

6. If you were a superhero, what would your name be, your power, and what would your costume look like?

Did I really just ask that? Oh well. Um.... let's think..... oh stink...... urggh..... hmm....... Maybe something like Astro Girl..... stink...... Um, well, I'd want to fly, of course, and I'd probably just have like a simple black jumpsuit like what the girls of the Warrior Squad (see The Unusuals) wears. With maybe a cape.

7. If you were put into the Witness Security Program (don't ask--I'm reading a book about it =P), what would your new first name be?

Jessie. Obviously. ;D

8. OK, well, then, if one of your family members (maybe you *horrified look*) blew your cover, what would your new name be?

Seriously? I'm so mean. =P OK, so......... um....... I'd probably go with Willow, because I love that name. :) Or Bree...

9. What's your favorite outfit (that you can think of)?

Comfy but nice jeans, sweatshirt, Bearpaw boots.....

10. What are you currently excited about?

THE PLAY THAT'S A WEEK FROM MONDAY!!!! GAH!!!! SO EXCITED!!! (Will hopefully be giving details.... like who I am or whatever...... ;))

Thanks for playing along!! :)


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