Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Wind in the Willows #2

I WAS going to write a Jessie Bender letter. (I really, really was.) And she was going to be sick. (Like me.) But then I realized something...... I HAVE NOT DONE WIND IN THE WILLOWS FOR FOREVER!!!!!! Oh, the horror. =P So, I should probably re-explain this. How you play--you take the picture (that will be below), put it in the post, and answer the questions that I have. It's just for fun!! :) Think of it as getting questions for an award but not having to tag people. =P And I answer the questions, too, so it's doubly fun. :) Ya ready? Let's go!! ;) (And by the way, if you tell me this is awesome and you love it, I'll try to make it a usual thing like Embers|pictures that inspire and Jessie Bender. :))
Right click on it; click "image in new window" (err, something like that); copy the address; put it in your post. ;)

1. What's your favorite font to write stories in? (Or emails, or whatever you write. ;))

haha you guys should all know this one. What?! You don't know!!??? OK, OK, it's Goudy Old Style. aka it's this awesome font that I'm writing in. (Actually, I believe this is Blogger's variant of it. Either way, I love it. :)) (My second favorite font is Cochin, by the way...... ;))

2. Who's your favorite character in a movie?

Oooh... did I really just ask that question?? Man, I'm a meanie. =D Maybe Aragorn. He's really awesome. =D Or Samwise Gamgee. He's awesome too. =D Or Arwen, or Eowyn, or.....!!! Yeah... There's dozens, though.......

3. What's your favorite thing that I've posted??

Hmm, that's hardly fair for myself, is it?? Ah, I don't know. I've got it!! I really do love my "inspirational" posts. I really do. :)

4. What's your favorite thing to do and why did you start doing it?

I don't know why I started writing stories. I just... kind of started... =P (Strange person that I am... lol...)

5. What's a weird thing that's happened to you lately?

I keep on having dreams that I meet you guys. Yeah. Actually, it's pretty awesome... I always see you guys and then I'm like, "Hey......... isn't your name such and such and don't you have a blog named such and such? Awesome! I'm Storyteller!!" (They almost all go like that... =P)

6. What's a trial that's been hitting you hard in your life right now?

My cold. :/ And, like usual, my worries.....

7. What's easiest for you--remembering to read your Bible, praying, walking up to new people and introducing yourself (this one really does apply, because, I mean, you have to know people before they're going to open up to you and let the gospel in), or talking with your unbelieving friends about Christ?

Praying's the easiest for me.

8. What's your favorite blog design that you've ever seen?

 I hope this doesn't sound horrible, but..... I love this blog's design a LOT. =D

9. What kinds of contests are you most likely to enter?

I always get scared doing contests, like if I don't do good it means I'm horrible. So I usually don't enter. :/ Sorry.....

10. Are you excited for summer?

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Thanks for coming along for the ride!!! Love to know if you did this!! Leave the link to your Wind in the Willows post, and I'll go and check it out!!! :)


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