Friday, February 1, 2013

Olivia McCarthy Cover Design Contest Results

You guys all know what today is, right?

Yep, it's February first.

It's another glorious day that God's made.

BUT, that's not what I'm making this post about.

(Though God deserves every post that I ever write.)

So, actually, this post IS about God, because without God, I wouldn't even exist.


But the reason I'm writing this post is to announce the winners of the Olivia McCarthy Cover Design contest!!!!! Yeek!!! Are you guys excited?! I am!!!

I had three AWESOME entries, and a hard time picking, but I finally came up with the following results.

You guys ready?




I'm coming around. :)

First place goes to.....

I really enjoyed her cover. Really awesome!! The close second was....

....Piano Bookworm! Err, Maya. Err, whatever. ;D

And, finally, third place goes to.......

Great job, you guys!! They were all awesome!!! :)

I had a really hard time picking among them, because I loved all of them so much. :) But I had to remind myself that I was going to have to pick ONE of them eventually..... =P

Brittney gets a blog design!! :)

Piano gets a memorabilia piece from Olivia McCarthy!! :)

And Lena gets her favorite quote from Olivia McCarthy designed!! :)

Please talk to me to get your awards! Thanks!! :)


  1. So what would a memorabilia piece be?

  2. Thank you so much! I don't really need a blog design right now ( because You just designed my header for my blog) but thank you so much anyway =) Glad you like the cover!

    1. You're welcome! OK, that's fine! If you want one in the future, just tell me!! ;)

  3. Thanks, Storyteller! I know which quote would have to be my favorite. "Fight for justice! Fight for freedom! Fight for Avalon!" =)

    1. Good choice!! =D I'll get it up as soon as possible. ;)


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