Saturday, February 9, 2013

Newspaper Reminders

Dear Readers,

This is Jessie. The baby's on the way, and I'm way excited!! (Though I'm not enjoying the smell of baby powder that's now in the house since Dad accidently dumped a whole bottle on the floor.... Not cool.) Since the spaghetti fight, the heat has totally been cut off, though Maya's still a jerk.

Oh yeah.

Josh sent me an email. (Apparently, I'm been neglecting my newspaper duties...)(And if you don't remember, Josh is the leader of the newspaper... yeah, and I'm paired to work with Michael. *horrible*)

To: Jessie Bender <>
From: (I knew at once that it was the Josh-from-my-school Josh)


Sheesh, what've you been?! You were like really good at the newspaper, and then you just like dropped your responsibilities. If you're going to be no the newspaper, please remember that you ARE. Thank you. And don't forget that you're paired with Michael!!


Gee, thanks, dude.

Anyway, I DO want to be on the newspaper, so this is what I sent back.

From: Jessie Bender <>


I'm still paired with Michael?? OK, OK, I still want to be in... sorry, it's just I was really busy and then I kind of forgot. :/


Then I sent it.

I was going to have to come up with a pretty good story to get me back on the newspaper....


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