Friday, August 2, 2013

Auditioning for a Movie

Dear Readers,

I don't know if I ever told you this, but once I got the chance to go and audition for being an extra in a movie. I ended up not doing it, though, because we found out, as we were auditioning, that the movie actually wasn't that great.


The experience of getting to go was really awesome! Even though we had to wait for FOREVER. lol In line to get to find out everything, of course. Since were just extras, we didn't have to read a script. If we'd wanted a small speaking part, we would've had to go and read for it, but since we didn't like the movie, we obviously didn't.

But, anyway, being an extra in a movie just sounds awesome, so I thought that I'd go and walk you through what happened to me that day. Sound good? :)

I've been in lots of plays--like, LOTS--so we made a small resume having them on it, just in case. (you never know) I was freaked out about what I should wear (because I'm totally not a fashion person) but I finally picked out something that was both nice and comfortable, so that I wouldn't always be like itching myself in some uncomfortable clothes the whole time.

They were having the auditions at a local restaurant. The reason that we even had the chance to audition is that the people making the movie wanted to have locals actually play the extras. So we got there, and the whole parking lot was FULL of cars. We got into the already long line and waited for what seemed like forever. We ended up talking to this lady and found out that she'd already been an extra in a movie that had been filmed locally. (you have must undoubtedly seen this movie, but I won't mention what it is for the sake of my location)

We finally got inside and all sat at this table, where we sat for about an hour, just talking with ourselves and the other extras we were paired with. Then we were called upstairs, where we filled out an information form. We waited in there for less then downstairs, and then we were called into the other room. They had two guys with dry erase boards and dry erase markers. They asked you your name, wrote it down (I had to correct the guy--he got my last name wrong =P) and put a number beneath it. Then you walked over to one of the guys with a camera and they took your picture.

Then we all sat down at these tables with a whole bunch of other people who wanted to be extras. They told us about the movie, and we got introduced to the director. Then we were released.

Overall, it was a fun experience. :)

Have you ever been or had the opportunity to be an extra in a movie?



  1. That's so cool! I finally got into a play (besides church plays, I don't count them) last winter, and now I'm in Sound of Music!
    That would be neat to be an extra, I've never had the chance. :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. That is totally amazing! Too bad you didn't get to be in it! I love acting so, so, so much! I did my first musical when I was like...eight or somewhere around there. But I just love being on stage...singing...acting...dancing... I like singing first (I did my first solo when I was four) and then second I like acing, and third, I like dancing...I never really did much dancing on stage until my most recent play I acted it...Cinderella. I was a stepsister, so I did a lot of dancing:)

    1. Thanks!! Yeah, I was pretty sad... :/ I love acting, too!! :) haha but I've never really sang and danced on stage. I mean, with a whole bunch of other people I've sang, and I did a little dance (it was hardly anything big) with a friend in the last play I was in, but that's all. :)

  3. That sounds totally awesome! I have ALWAYS wanted to be an extra in a movie, but I've never gotten the chance =/ But maybe some day...

    1. Thanks!! :) I know, I was so excited when I found out I got to audition... (I was actually eating lunch and just kept on randomly jumping up and screaming happily...)

  4. That would be so neat. would love to try out for an extras part in a movie. have never really had a chance though. Hehe!

  5. That is awesome! :D I think it would be so cool to audition for a movie. It's too bad that movie wasn't the greatest.


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