Thursday, August 22, 2013

friends again

you were here
and we were friends
and then suddenly
like a vapor
a mist
you were gone
i reached
but i couldn't grasp
your hand
and you were
and i didn't know
where to find you
i tried
but i failed
i lived a long time
almost forgot
about you
you were gone so long
 i made new friends
found out new things
my life had gone on
life always does
it never waits
time must forever
be spinning
it doesn't stop
for those we care about
but then
something happened
a note
you left for me
saying you were back
and you were back
you were
and i almost
couldn't believe
i was so
to finally hear from you
hear your words
see your work
we were finally
friends again

dedicated to a friend
glad you're back


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