Friday, August 30, 2013

i took a walk down the quiet path

i took a walk
down the quiet path
all alone
in the dark
sun rising
through the mist
birds quiet
in the trees
cobbles hard
beneath my feet
winding deep
within the forest
i had heard
the tales
the stories
the legends
about this wood
but they didn't
scare me
i knew the beauties
i knew the secrets
i knew the wonders
of this wood
this place
where people
had made myths
and so i walked forward
for what felt like
the forest time
in my life

i took a walk
down the quiet path
needing to get away
from the noise
of life
the business
that seems to consume
everyone else
i can't stand
all of these people
all of this noise
i just need
to get away
to be alone
just have some time
by myself
i took a walk
down the quiet path
hoping to find
some quiet
some peace
some beauty
and some time

i took a walk
down the quiet path
breathing in
the fresh scent
of the trees
the beautiful smell
of the flowers
and feeling
from the noise
the business
of the city
i was finally
back home
this was the place
i felt
i belonged
i looked for
my friends
and they were
the magical
and sometimes
rather strange
who dwelt
in these woods
they had come back
to see me

i smiled
we were ready
for an adventure
the only adventure
that you can have
if you take a walk
down the quiet path
and throw off
the busy things
of life
and get away
from the noise
and stay quiet
so that you can
hear them

we were ready
are you?


  1. *sniffle* This is so beautiful... and it makes me miss the walks I took in my woods at our old house, before we moved.

  2. So beautiful! This picture is so inspiring as well as the story! Where do you get these beautiful pictures? Do you take them, or do you get them off the Internet? If you do get them online, what do you type in to find pictures like this?
    I love love love this!

    1. Thank you so so much, Christy! :) (have I told you have much I love and look forward to your comments???) I get them off my pinterest. If you want, you could snag a few. :) Here's the link:


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