Thursday, August 8, 2013

Probably Not the Best Choice... But Still

Dear Readers,

Remember how I said I had a cold yesterday? (wait, that was... a few days ago... anyway, anybody remember Road to Avonlea??) Yeah, well... I still had it yesterday. I wasn't feeling that great yesterday morning. Still, I decided to go to a youth group. And... I kind of forgot I had a cold. And, besides, I was feeling a lot better.

That doesn't mean I should've run like crazy for like two hours or more playing games though, right?


Oops. =P

Well, I definitely wasn't on the top of my game (not to mention that it is extremely hard at night to catch a black frisbee.... like where on earth is the stupid thing?!?!) but I tried. (nope, I didn't elbow anybody. Or even accidently hug tackle my close friend. I just got into a slight friendly fake tug of war with the frisbee which I won. :D)

I just got a little bit, probably, too tired. Let's just say that towards the end of the evening, I wasn't sure, for a little bit, if I was going to puke up my guts or pass out for lack of oxygen. (that reminds me... I should tell you guys my "almost pass out" story. =P) Which I attribute to my cold, because usually I don't get that bad. (just... like Gimli panting. ;D)

Before that we played kickball. I actually did pretty good, considering it doesn't matter how good, fast, or whatever you are, you can still get out just because somebody kicks the ball right to the person who's guarding the base that you need to get you. (I assure you, I tried to avoid doing this to other people. Other people doing that for me? Not so much. I only made it back to home base twice after like an hour and probably over an hour. =P) It made me feel a little better, though, that one of my really good friends who's a jock at like everything athletic kept on getting out just because of where the ball is. (and she's like a speedy.... so yeah.... I felt better ;D)

So... if you had to pick, would you rather play kickball or ultimate frisbee?


Oh, OK. I guess I'll answer for you. :)

I would rather play...


Give me the football and let's play ultimate football!! Whoohoo!!

Either that or volleyball. haha =D

Talk to ya'll later!! :)



  1. haha, yeah, exercise+cold=notsogood. :)
    I think I'd rather play kickball, but I haven't played either very much.


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