Tuesday, August 27, 2013

"can we start over?"

she would forever be haunted
by the eyes
the face
the screaming words
that came out
towards her
begging for help
"help me"
she had ignored them
looked the other way
and walked towards another dream
trying to forget
everything that had happened
everything she'd promised
everything they'd planned
they'd been found out
and she realized
if she'd helped him escape
she would have suffered
the same fate
as him
but then
she didn't know
she only thought of herself
she only thought of getting away
building a new dream
finding a new path
one away from him
where nobody would ever
ever ever ever
guess the truth

years later
she remembered the eyes
she remembered the words
that passed between them
she remembered her own lying words--
"do you know him?"
his face had fell
his heart had been hardened
she had ruined
of relationship
with just one
she hadn't really realized
what she lost
until she had
really lost it
when he had left
been taken away
and she had fled
hoping for a new life
a new dream
one that she soon found
she would never find

"excuse me"
the voice
at first
wasn't familiar
she turned
and suddenly
it was like she was back
to a girl
who had found
the person she wanted to marry
and suddenly
she felt faint
and grabbed for something
his face paled
his eyes grew large
and that one word
that one accusing word
that one word
that ripped her heart out
and sent it flying
her eyes flickered
her heart in her throat
"i'm...i'm sorry"
his eyes flashed
he didn't care about her
he didn't care anymore
she had ruined him
she saw it in his eyes
and she felt
the one thing
she had pushed away
so many times
over the years


"please, please, forgive me"
she begged
in a whisper
"i... i should never..."
"no, you shouldn't have"
they both stood there
feeling pain
and then
his face changed
his eyes calmed
and he said the words
that changed her life
"i forgive you
can we start over?"


  1. Mmmm..so emotional, but I love it! I love how you turned it around at the end, I totally didn't expect it. :)

  2. Oh wow...wowowow. I can't think of any other words to say...<3

  3. OH MAN! I am a weeping mess. LOL!

    THIS WAS SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! More, more, more! NOW, NOW, NOW! =D

    1. Oh my goodness, you make ME want to weep. <3 Thank you so much for you beautiful words. <3 :)


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