Friday, August 9, 2013

My Castle in the Sand

Dear Readers,

Yesterday I got to go to a beach. It was so much fun. We played catch with a football in the water, monkey in the middle, then catch again. Then we got out of the water and made the biggest sandcastle/wall/moat thing EVER. It was awesome.

(no joke. It was so awesome that this lady and guy were taking pictures by it. And taking pictures of it. Let's just say my friend wouldn't have been very happy if they'd gone and put it on facebook and said that THEY'D made it...)

It was fun making the castle. I first made this moat (at the direction of my friend--he's a serious builder on some things...), which took a little bit. (yeah, and it kept on taking the sand off the side and putting it in the middle... oh well... =P) Afterwards, I went and helped to finish the castle. It was amazing. My friend working on that, she's a real perfectionist. I'm more of a "it's good enough let's go" person, but she made me slow down and help her. (mostly because she promised she'd bury in the sand afterwards--what??--even though she didn't end up doing it...)

By the time we'd finished doing it, I couldn't help but think that the castle, the moat, and the huge walls looked amazing, despite the fact that we didn't even have a bucket or shovel between all of us. We just had the wet sand, our hands, and some wood for evening out some parapets on the castle. (I'm telling you, that thing was advanced!!)

It was amazing. :)

Have you ever made a sand castle? Do you like making sand castles? What's your favorite part about the beach? Are you a perfectionist, or more like me, more laid-back?

Talk to you all later. :)



  1. I love making sandcastles! I make them with my sisters a lot. We always end up making them too close to the water and so we have to build walls with lots of sand and rocks.

    We made an awesome sandcastle last year! It had a zip line made from a strand of seaweed, two towers and a moat. Sadly we didn't get any pictures of it.

    1. Cool! :)

      That's so awesome! :) Well, we didn't get a picture of ours, either...

    2. Oops. Yeah we did. =P I forgot...

  2. Wow, that sounds awesome!! I've made cool sandcastles twice. Once with our family friends, and once with my friend. I'm not very patient, though; so I have to really want to do it to make it happen. :P
    My favorite part of the beach is EVERYTHING!!!! I love the beach!! *sigh* can't wait to go again. :)
    I can never decide if I'm a perfectionist or not. Sometimes I want things to be perfect, but then other times I don't care. yeah, confusing.

    1. That's awesome! :)

      haha sweet:)

      Yeah, sometimes I'm like that, too...

  3. That sounds like so much fun! I love the beach and making sandcastles (though they are kind of hard). I am definitely a perfectionist! :D But I am also really laid-back and carefree at times, so it depends on the situation.

    1. By the way, I LOVE all of your new designs as of late! I always do. :)

    2. Awesome!! :)

      Aww, thanks, Jess:)

  4. Wow... I love the pic! It looks prifeshinl


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