Wednesday, August 28, 2013

thank you

thanks for all of your lovely comments, reactions, shares, etc. i love how everything's going on here. i love posting what i post. i love saying what i say. this is a part of me that usually stays hidden in me, because i'm scared to show it. i'm scared people will laugh. but you guys don't. that's why i love sharing it with you. i just want to say thank you. thank you for everything. thank you for being such amazing friends. thank you for not hating me. thank you. <3

i have updated two of my pages, my "about" and my "lovelies" page. i'd love to have you check them out.

until another day


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  2. AWE! You so welcome! Your posts are so wonderful and lovely, a true encouragement everytime I read them. :D

    Thank you for being you, and sharing little pieces of you on this blog letting people see you for who you are and not trying to hind yourself. :)


    1. That is so so so sweet.

      Thank YOU, Abilaine. :)

  3. I meant "hide" yourself ... LOL! So blaming spellcheck for that one. hehe!

  4. I awarded you!!!! Go grab you award here

    Have a great day and God bless


  5. I love your blog! I know how you feel - about being able to share your mind with people who listen, encourage and agree. : ) Great post!
    Tane xxx ♥


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