Tuesday, August 20, 2013


we smiled a smile that flew us high
we grasped each other's hands
through the clouds
hands brushing the stars
eyes sparkling brighter then any of them
hair flying wildly
we knew that one day
we'd be grown up
probably too old for this
this "childhood magic"
this amazingly wonderful
magically sweet
thing called
that let us fly with the stars
that let us shine like the sun
that let us rule kingdoms
and cross seas
that let us travel with Hobbits
and fly on Pegasus'
save a princess
and the give the prince some tips
that let us slay dragons
and fend off pirates
fly a sky ship
across a moonlit sky
we lived a thousand lives
and lived a thousand dreams
that made us smile
made us laugh
made us draw our swords
made us cry
made us sigh
made us never wish to come back
made us wish that we
best friends
could be together forever
my brown hair
her blonde
my green eyes
her brown
our smiles uplifted
our eyes hopeful
doing the things
that we could only dream of

it settles in
and tears about the dreams
that we had as a child
and makes us realize
that none of those things
are ever going to come true
and that we were just little kids
who didn't have anything else better to do
and it makes you think
"why did i ever want to do that?"
even as you think about flying
high above the clouds
even as you think about
saving the day
or slaying the dragon
or riding in a sky ship
or teaching Peter Pan how to fly

it comes later
it tells you
"they are never going to come true"
"but that doesn't meant that imagination is bad"
"it just means that you need to use
your imagination for good"
i will never
ever ever ever
regain my childhood innocence
my greatest imagination
but this realization
has made me realize
that even though we'll get stares
even though people might think we're strange
it's OK to don a cape
and run down the sidewalk
it's OK
to write stories
about crazy things that could never happen
it's OK
to be silly
to have fun
to be with your friend
and again relive your childhood dreams


be kind • be polite • be amazing