Saturday, April 6, 2013

Abigail Jane Applegate--The Rescue

Outside of New York City
British Occupation of New York

The soldier looked about ready to fall over in fear.

That's Nathan! I thought again, even more horrified. Why on earth is Nathan being so stupid as to come out in the open and try and rescue me?! I mean... I'm ready to die for my country, aren't I?

"Don't...don't get any ideas," the other soldier begged.

The mask covered Nathan's face well. If he hadn't spoke, I wouldn't have known who it was. But I did. And I was still feeling like he was being stupid by trying to rescue me. Then again, maybe he was sent by my father to come and rescue me. I mean, he was my father's apprentice. And...

"Hand over the girl," Nathan commanded. "NOW!"

One of the soldiers quickly nodded towards me. "Get out," he hissed. "Quick, quick!"

I struggled to get out with the bonds on my hands and finally jumped out onto the ground, my skirts billowing beneath me. I quickly ran towards Nathan, keeping my eyes straight ahead and trying not to think of the fact that I might be shot in the back by the second soldier.

"Are you alright, Abigail?" Nathan whispered so that only I could hear it.

"Of course," I whispered back.

I managed to pull myself up behind him in the saddle. Nathan kept his gun trained on the driver soldier's head. Only when he was sure I was on did he yell, "YA!" and kick his horse into a gallop.

We took off across the countryside. I closed my eyes, the thought racing through my head--If it hadn't been for Nathan, I would have been hanged.

God was looking out for me.


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