Thursday, April 18, 2013

If you were my best friend... would know that if I had one wish, I would wish to love like Jesus loved. would know that whenever we talked about the movie How to Train Your Dragon that I was going to consistently say, "Thanks... for summing that up." would know that it's easier for me to do things when there's more of a goal. would know that I love listening to songs I like over and over and over. would know that I love looking up actors/actresses on wiki. would know that I love listening to movie soundtracks while I write books. would know that mostly all of the designing I know comes from a google search. would know that I memorize the best by reading it out loud, writing it, and seeing it all at the same time. would know that I love dancing to music by myself. would know that the reason that I love going to football games is because of my friends. would know that I want to go to New Zealand some day. would know that I love Bearpaw boots. (I'm actually wearing these right now.... Me when I saw this picture on google: !!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!!!! You know, I think that if I ever get a pinterest I'm going to a whole page full of shoes... =D) would know that I love peppermint tea. would know that my favorite stories I have ever written are Rubberboot Girl and September Piper, because there's more of a character development, which I love. would know that I will kill most spiders if somebody screams, but definitely not really big ones, and NOT jumping ones. (*shiver*) would know that I hate sharks. would know that sometimes I have dreams where I am the best at everything I wish I was. (horseback riding, surfing, swimming....) would know that I get scared a lot. would know that I love looking through the Better Homes&Gardens magazines just for fun with my friend. ;) would know that I love wearing headbands. would know that I hate feeling ugly. would know that I love hoodies. would know that I love being with my youth group. would know that this is one of my favorite songs to listen to while I write. :) would know that I hate disappointing people. would know that I hate it when somebody's mad at me. would know that I love the newer movie of Pride&Prejudice and the newest version of Persuasion. would know that I know how to do a fishtail (hairstyle ;D) but can't do it because hair just seems wayyyy too slippery for me... =P would know that I kind of wish that I was involved in dancing. (ballet, mostly, though I think hip-hop might be kind of fun.... [if it was good]) would know that I love when it snows, because everything looks clean and pure. :)

Now you know. ;)


  1. Great post! I enjoyed getting to know you better:) we actually have a LOT Of things in common!

  2. It's nice to know you better! We are alot alike..... :D That means you're really awesome!

  3. I really enjoyed reading this! We have a lot in common! :)


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