Friday, April 12, 2013

Your blog is whatever you make it out to be...

Dear Readers,

Sometimes I kind of feel like my posting gets... dry. Sorry about that. =P Mostly it's because on some of my blogs, I don't have a vision. Storyteller of Weston County is easy for me. It's my stories, and whatever comes to my mind. Dragonmaster's kind of got something, too--it's stories also (surprise, surprise), a linkup, and other random stuff, like Pinterest posts.

But Rubberboot Girl?

I'm not even sure anymore.

(As sad as that sounds...)

When I first created this blog, I imagined that there would be something like "ask Connie" or something, like you could submit questions that I could answer. Yeah, well, that never really took off, did it...?

And that's when I realized something.

My blog--and anyone else's--is whatever you make it out to be.

You can craft your blog into something that you would want to read. You just have to work hard and write, write, write. You want to make your blog unique, but also totally you.

I've decided that there's going to be a few changes around here.

First off, I'm hoping to try (soon) a more open design. (though I love this header dearly)

Second of all, I'm going to keep all of my continuing stories. (of course. What would I do without Jessie Bender?)

And, since you guys don't seem to like linkups and such, the Wind in the Willows and Embers|pictures that inspire are being canceled. (unless you guys beg to have them back.....)

Fourth of all, I want to add some new things here--maybe more quizzes, weekly sort of things. I want to craft this blog into something special--something that's out of the ordinary, unique and different from the thousands of blogs out there.

And of course I will still continue to ramble to you about my life. :)

That sound like a good game plan?

If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, just ask. :)

*drum roll*
(just because I love it so much :))


  1. Sounds good, and (just to let you know) I really enjoy reading your blogs! You go girl! :D (lol I never really say that)

    1. Thanks so much!! :) haha I don't really say that in real life either.... =D (but I will say to people on blogger... *internet boldness* ;))

  2. Those sound great... but I really wish you kept doing the wind in the willows, I was just about to start:(



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