Friday, April 5, 2013

The Day of Jokes

Dear Readers,

Hiya, this is Jessie Bender. ;)

I know I didn't write on April Fool's Day, but I was definitely busy. ;)

And so I thought I'd recount my adventures on that day.

[Just to warn you, others were busy, too....]

Anyway, so it's kind of unspoken rule in my house that you DON'T DO APRIL FOOL'S JOKES. But, of course, Noah hadn't said anything about them, right? =D I was fully prepared to hit my best friend--hard--when April Fool's rolled around...

Since it was a Monday, it was like perfectly perfect. First day of school for that week, and April Fool's. I'd been hoping that Noah would forget what the date was.

Amazingly, he did.

Me: (walks into school, spots Noah, smiles and runs over) Hey, Noah!

Noah: Oh, hey, Jessie.

Me: (see he's not wearing green. Pinches him)

Noah: (frowns) What was THAT for??

Me: (pinches him again)

Noah: Gee, Jessie, stop it!

Me: You're not wearing green.

Noah: So?

Me: It's April first.

Noah: Yeah...

Me: You know--April Fool's Day?

Noah: (light bulb goes on in his head) Ohhhhhhhhhhhh.

I was fully decked out in everything green that I could possibly think of--green pants, green shirt, green socks, green shoes, even a green ponytail!! (and I'd snagged a green bag of Mom's for my books)

"Wait," Noah started. "You're not going to launch anything else on me, are you?"

I just grinned. "Have you been by your locker yet?"

Noah's face paled. "No. What did you do?"

I shrugged. "Nothing. Hey, look over there!"

Noah looked and then turned back to me with a confused frown. "There's nothing..."

"I was sure there was," I joked. "Come on."

"Oh, I get it," Noah called up to me as I started walking towards his locker. "You've been on blogs figuring out how to do April Fool's Jokes, haven't you? That was all a joke!"

My friend's obviously not stupid.

By the time lunch came around, I'd run out of jokes to play on my friend.

But he'd just started.

I opened my locker after lunch to find all of my books switched up. I glared. Now how on earth had he gotten in to my locker?! Then I got so confused by our teacher switching up our seats for a joke that I didn't think about it when Noah yelled, "Look over there!" And then everybody laughed at me. OK, maybe these jokes weren't so funny. But at least I'd done them between just us!

And THEN I stopped by my locker just as school ended and found a note that read, "I hate you."

"This is horrible," I whispered.

"What's wrong?" Suddenly Noah showed up.

I showed him the note.

He burst out laughing.

"What?" I demanded.

"It's April Fool's," he pointed.

"So?" I snorted.

"So that means that whatever it says is the opposite," he pointed out.

Oh NO!

This was even WORSE!

As you can probably guess, Noah wouldn't stop laughing the whole ride in his mom's car back to his house. (I'd made a deal with him--we'd both stop doing jokes on each other, and I'd come and help him with his homework.... Mom, of course, had approved.) l

As for me... HOW AM I GOING TO LIVE?!!!!????!?!



  1. That was hilarious!! Very hard to contain my list laughter... so hard that I failed:D



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