Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Contest Button Tutorial {just for fun}

OK, so, I've kind of covered how to make a real blog button in itself, but we all know that contest buttons are a little different. OK, a lot different. Mostly because you're going to have a lot more words on your contest button then your normal button. So how do you do that?

Well, I'm going to make three different buttons, made in three different styles, and show you three great different ways to make a contest button.

1. In this one that I'm going to show you, I've used really natural (OK, more dull) colors--black and white. There's dark and light on the photo, which is helpful, so I don't have that hard of a time choosing colors.
I also emphasized the "contest" instead of the "photography" part, going for a more graphic design look by putting "photography" on the side. (this gives it a unique look that's both pretty and elegant) All of the words are big enough to see when on somebody's sidebar, and all of the needed information is there--what the contest is, who's hosting it, what their blog is. This was made easily on PicMonkey.

2. In this one, you can see that I went for the "words fill the whole picture" look, which makes sure that the people see what they're meant to see. The red contrast against the white also makes it pop, which is also nice. Right away, you know what the contest is about. The lettering that I used gives it a kind of sophisticated and professional look, like it's a book cover or something.

The words that tell you who it is and what blog they're from is a little smaller, but you can still see it pretty well. If the person's looking for that information, they're going to easily find it. Also, when they see the red-white contrast, their eyes will be immediately drawn to it. And since the other information is right above it, that should be where their eyes go next. (I personally like this one... I mean, informational wise... you get the words bold, and in a really able-to-see color....)(I take that back, I like all of them... =D) This one was also made on PicMonkey.

3. This last one was my favorite to make, just because I thought it was pretty. =D This one is an artsy, graphic design one, that also looks professional and beautiful. I brought out the soft pink color that's close to white, but not quite that big of a paling color. You might also notice how I alternated the two different fonts. Tip: I only use (usually) at most two fonts per header/button/etc. If you have more, it tends to look more cluttered and such. Unless you're trying to make more of a crazy, random header. Then it gives it the right look. ;)

This one easily shows the information and the title, making it probably my favorite out of the three that I've shown you guys so far. It's pretty, easy to read, and professional looking. This was also made on PicMonkey.

I hope this was at least a little helpful. =D Until next time!! ;)

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