Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Wind in the Willows #5

Right click; click "image in new window"; grab URL; place in post; answer the questions. :)
How to play is explained up there^. ;) Hope you join up with me!! If you put your Wind in the Willows post in a comment, I'll check it out, too!! :) Hope you do... ;)

1. Do you have a bucket list on your blog? Why or why not?

Why, yes, I do!! I just love bucket lists. I don't know why... =D

2. What's your favorite non-computer-non-blogging activity?

Hmm... well, I considering writing a computer activity, so reading, volleyball, or playing the piano. =D (or just plain being with my friends... they're awesome :))

3. What's your least favorite subject in school?

Oh, ugh, probably science... =P

4. Why or why not do you use your real name on blogger?

Well, I don't use it because I simply don't want people to know it, and want the privacy of not using it, too. And, besides... I love Storyteller. :)

5. Do you think of your person on blogger as yourself or as someone else?

Well, strangely enough, when I think of Storyteller, I don't really think of myself. (well, I do, but not quite... know what I mean?) Like every time I look in the mirror afterwards it's like, "Wow, didn't think I really looked like that..." =P (I know that sounds kind of strange, but, yeah....)

6. What your favorite kinds of posts to read?

I love ones like this, randomness posts about life, God-Jesus-inspirational posts, and quizzes. :) Oh, and a ton of other things, too... =P

7. Who first introduced you to blogger?

Actually, I'd heard that a friend of mine had a blog, and I wanted a place to put my stories, so that's how it kind of happened... =P

8. Has anyone really helped you understand blogger at all?

Well, I've mostly taught myself things, but I've gotten some helpful tips and hints from such people as Willow and Britt. :)

9. Have you ever heard of/been apart of a handbell choir?

Yes. :) I love handbell choir. I should a post about them.... ;)

10. Do you just randomly think of things to post, or do you write ideas down that come to you?

I used to post more randomly. I've just started writing down ideas lately.... =D

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