Monday, April 29, 2013

Words are Powerful--they can build up, they can break down


You're from where?

That's stupid.


Words hurt, don't they? Like a lot. Lots of times people don't realize how much their words hurt. Lots of times we don't realize how much our words hurt. We just think we're being funny, or cute, or we're just trying to fit in with our friends. There's always reasons.

I'm a pretty sensitive person. Like... really sensitive. As in I need to get less sensitive sensitive. Really. I'm trying to work on it, but it's not easy for me. People might be joking, but for me, what they're saying hurts just as much as if they were yelling the same words in my face. You're ugly. Just kidding. You tell me that, I'm thinking they actually think I'm ugly. They just saw how horrified I was and added on that "just kidding".

Someone I really know and trust once said to me, "In every joke, there's a little truth." I can be a very joky person sometimes. And I don't think of it that way. I'm just making jokes to make my friends laugh. But that made me stop for a moment. What am I really saying? Am I building up my friends, or tearing them down by my jokes? What could I be doing instead?

Words a powerful. The person who said, "The pen is mightier then the sword," can be very true. While a person waving a sword around might be scary [and more likely be made to look like an idiot], the person with the pen--the press, the people speaking on live TV--will be the ones who are listened to. Words are very powerful. Never forget that single word can break a person or build a person up.

So next time you feel a joke coming up, maybe you should think over if it's really needed. If it'll actually be funny, or if it'll actually hurt your friends.

I'm not saying it's not OK to joke. Like I said, I joke a lot. And I'm considered a pretty funny person. I love making my friends laugh. It's like music to my ears. I like being that person. But sometimes you might want to examine your motives for telling your jokes. For saying your comments.

Words are powerful.
They can break.
They can build.
They can make.
They can till.

Words are powerful.
Be the one who builds up,
Be the one who holds their cup,
Don't be the one who breaks their trust,
Be the friend who's a must.

Words are powerful,
So don't forget,
That your words will be set,
In the minds of those around,
Let your words be a beautiful sound.

Words are powerful.


  1. What a great post! That poem was just so good & touching! I really loved it.

  2. I agree. That's very true. Sarcasm (especially when they sound so serious) really bugs me. Yet I do it, but I'm still trying to stop.

  3. Very well said, and nice poem:) Oh, and what do I get for winning 3rd place for both contests??

  4. What a beautiful, amazing, very inspirational post.

    Thank you for this. <3

    I agree with every word.


    { }

    1. Thanks, Mackenzie. :)

      You're welcome. :)


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