Monday, April 8, 2013

Take'n'Write Contest

A contest where you take a photo and write a short story about that photo. (example below*)

1. You MUST be a follower of this blog. (Rubberboot Girl)
2. You must grab the above picture and keep it on your sidebar during the whole duration of the contest.
3. (if allowed) Share this post on Google, so that others will know about it.
4. Put your entry in a blog post and leave the URL in a comment on THIS POST. If it's not on this post, it won't be counted.
5. No entering more then once.
6. Contest ends the 20th of April.
7. The top three placers will...
A. Have a place on my main blog's sidebar for a week.
B. Get something designed by me. (header, button, entire blog, quote, etc.)
C. Get featured in a Jessie Bender letter.
8. Thanks and God bless!! :)


The rain pattered down on me, but I didn't care. Because I could feel it, hitting my hands, landing in my hair. Because for the first time since my brother's death, I could actually feel. I closed my eyes and raised my face to the sky.

Thank you, Lord, went through my head. Thank you.

And then I laughed with joy. I could feel! I was alive! And I danced around in the rain like I was crazy lunatic. I didn't care.

"Cora, what on earth are you doing?" The screen door slammed behind the person.

I glanced up and saw Jason, staring at me like I was crazy.

"I can feel," I told him. I laughed and danced around in circles, declaring to the sky, "I can feel!"

Then Jason smiled, too, and came out into the rain. We danced the day away.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you.


  1. Lovely story. Beautiful! So, I have a question: do we have to take the picture ourselves, or is this something we can choose off of something like Pinterest? Just wondering!

    1. Yes, you take the picture yourself. ;) I just took it off because I was in a hurry. =D

  2. WOW! Awesome story and contest! I hope I can enter. :)

  3. Can we edit the photo we take? Totally gonna enter!

  4. Yay!! I entered!!

    1. Awesome!! Thanks so much, Claire!!!! :)

  5. BTW did you design your blog yourself-I really like it! :)

  6. Here's my entry!

    1. Sweet!!!! Thanks sooo much for entering!! :)

  7. I am entering! I have my story writen, but its a little long... Not like two pages or anything, but its longer than yours! Is that okay? :)

    1. Awesome!! Thanks, Kayla!! :) That's OK:)

  8. And my picture just has a tiny bit to do with the story....

  9. Here is the link! :)

    I could change a LOT of things... But if kept editing it, It would be done when the contest is over! Haha! ;)

  10. Can I take a picture of pinterest and write about it???


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