Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Magical Poem

sometimes you just feel
deep inside your heart
maybe not all the way, but you'll feel it someday
at least it's a start

it's something magical
just a small little spark
something's different here, everything's crystal clear
you think you've hit the mark

it's something special
the way you can feel it
you hold it tight, the stars alight
so that none can steal it

you get that feeling
that this has never happened before
you feel a little tremor, that'll make you remember
it shakes you to the core

you know that something will happen
something very soon
you'll be swept away, to the stars someday
or maybe a quiet lagoon

there's a spark
in the stars tonight
sparkling mystery, i just wish i could see
past the quiet moonlight

i know that something will happen
soon, quicker then light
i can't wait until then, to leave this world of men
and find that magic place, what a sight

and now i smile and wave
flying away up high
i know you'll miss me, look for the magic key
i'm flying away in the sky


  1. Whoa...that was beautiful, Storyteller. :)
    I loved it. <3

    Stay beautiful.


  2. I loved this!It reminded me of Peter pan;)



  3. Really good. I was wondering, could you give me the HTML code you used to make your sidebar pages? I have been surfing the internet for a loooooooooong time just trying to find the code that worked. I almost had it. Then for some reason blogger deleted the 15 lines of code I had just put in to get it to work. :) Thanks.

    1. I have already done a post on this, just a few posts back! :) Look for the post on mapping. ;)


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