Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Customized Page Links

OK, so, this used to bother me a lot--how on earth did people get their pages to go italic? I mean, I already had the hover code for it, but it didn't make my pages do that. And another thing... how did people put like things like this ||Home||About||Contact|| between their pages? That just looked way awesome.

Heh... well... I definitely didn't find that on a tutorial on google. I just kind of figured it out. (I'd say God showed me, because suddenly I just thought of it.) This is how you get to do it. :)

Ready? Let's go.

1. Log into your blogger account.
2. Click on the blog you want to edit.
3. Go to "layout".
4. Click "add a gadget" wherever you're going to want this gadget at.
5. Scroll down to the "text" gadget and click it.
6. OK, first off, you're going to want this centered, right? So we get to use the really simple center code. The center code is <center> </center>, but you put whatever you want centered in between. So that it looks like this: <center>||Home||About||Contact||</center>. Get it? :)
7. So put whatever words you want, with the center code around them. (I'm going to be using my example from above.)
8. Now, these are going to be links.

See the one that looks kind of like the world?

Click on that one.
9. It'll say "enter a URL". Place the link of what those words are supposed to lead to there. (so like my "Home" would be "")
10. Click enter.
11. You do this for the rest of the links with their various URLs.
12. Save gadget.
13. Viola! Customized pages. :)

Hope this was helpful! If you have any questions, just ask! :)


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! It looks great on my blog! Give us more!!!!!!!:D

  2. •-• Whoa. I've been looking all over for how to do that... now I feel rather silly at the obviousness and simplicity of it all. *face-palm* Wow. Thank you ever so much!

    xx Leslie

    1. I know, I felt the same way. =P You're welcome! :)


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